The Eleventh Doctor is now available in paperback

The Eleventh Doctor paperback cover

My book The Eleventh Doctor: a critical ramble through Matt Smith’s tenure in Doctor Who has been available in electronic form for more than a week now [,, others]

Now it’s also available in paperback! (At present, it’s only available direct from Lulu, where it’s printed. In six to eight weeks it should also appear on the various Amazon stores.)

Despite all my Shiny Digital Future credentials, I have to admit that an actual printed book, made out of paper and ink, feels somehow much more real to me than an e-book. I’m really looking forward to holding it in my hands. (Also, it will impress my mother much more than an e-book, even though she doesn’t like Doctor Who.)

Here’s the back-cover blurb:

If you’re not already a Doctor Who fan, this book will not convert you — in fact, it may not even be comprehensible. But if you love Doctor Who and want to dig deeper into what makes it tick (and what sometimes stops it from ticking that well), then THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR is for you.

THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR contains reviews, discussions and digressions on all of Matt Smith’s episodes. It also features series retrospectives, evaluations of the different Doctors, and a look forward to the next Doctor. Along the way, it discusses Steven Moffat’s writing, Matt Smith’s acting and the glory that is Rory. It contradicts itself repeatedly, makes wildly inaccurate guesses about how series arcs are going to pan out, and gets sidetracked onto ubiquitous surveillance, Peter Jackson’s Tolkien films, and how to make a perfect summer salad.

“Doctor Who is a light-hearted TV show which occasionally touches on deep subjects. This is not lost on Mike Taylor, whose analysis of the show is equally deep.” — Nicolas Laurent

“Taylor brings a passionate and well read analysis to each episode.” — Jeff Mitchell.

My thanks again to Anna Nordling for the cover design, and to Nicolas and Jeff for the cover quotes.

4 responses to “The Eleventh Doctor is now available in paperback

  1. Great job! Hopefully you can get a breather now .. or are you rampaging about trying to ‘push your brand’ on all the blogs, newsgroups, mailing lists, etc? :) Free review copies to website operators :O

    Let us know when its up on amazon .. theres a few things I’ve been waffling on and when your book pops up, it’ll make it an easy convincer :)


    Given your Veronica background, I’m surprised you’ve not commented on the VM Kickstarter or the recently released trailer; but then, you do tend to avoid trailers and possible spoilers so I bet you’re keeping your head down!

  2. Unfortunately there’s a typo on the back of the cover: “disgressions”

    It appears in the image embedded in this post, but is correct in the text version you’ve also included included.

  3. Not to worry, KG, the version that the book is printed from doesn’t have the typo — it was the very last thing we corrected. Looks like I somehow used the penultimate version rather than the final one for this blog-post. I’ll correct that shortly.

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