I’m looking for jacket quotes for the paperback edition of my Doctor Who book

Hey, folks,

The paperback edition of The Eleventh Doctor is now ready to go, after a lot of heavy-duty LibreOffice-wrangling (which I might write about some time) and some great work on the cover by Anna Nordling.


At this point, the only thing that’s holding me up from hitting the Publish button is that I wanted to include a couple of quotes on the back cover. You know the kind of thing: “Once I had put it down, I couldn’t pick it up again”, “Taylor exhibits exactly the level of cultural insight you’d expect from a professional programmer”, “At least the fonts are nice”.

So I’m issuing this slightly desperate plea: if you’ve read the e-book, or some or all of the blog-posts that it’s largely based on, then please consider giving me a quote that we could use on the back cover. Just drop it in the comments below.

(Sorry if this seems a bit needy — I just don’t want to hold up the paperback edition any longer than necessary, and of course it does take a while for reviews to emerge organically.)


8 responses to “I’m looking for jacket quotes for the paperback edition of my Doctor Who book

  1. Andrew Hickey

    I’ll try to think of something — I didn’t realise you wanted quotes this soon, or I’d have read the PDF properly already (it’s on my to-read pile, though I’ve read all the blog posts as they came out).
    That said, I think jacket quotes are a mistake — your book is unlikely to sell anything in physical shops, so the place to put that kind of quote is in the blurb that shows on the web stores, not on the book itself, as the only people who’ll see the book are those who’ve already bought it, and you don’t need to sell it to them.

  2. What do you think of this?

    “Doctor Who is a light-hearted TV show which occasionally touches on deep subjects. This is not lost on Mike Taylor, whose analysis of the show is equally deep. The commentary enriches the viewing experience, and casts an interesting new light on the action.”

  3. Thanks, Nicolas, that’s just the kind of thing!

    Andrew, sorry, didn’t mean to load an unwanted reading burden onto anyone! You should only read the book when you want to read it, it’s meant to be fun :-) You may be right about the inutility of jacket quotes, but they just seem like the right thing to me (and my cover designer). But I will for sure take your advice and use good quotes in the online blurbs as well.

  4. Andrew Hickey

    Definitely not an unwanted burden — I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m just also in the middle of reading Lance Parkin’s Alan Moore book, rereading a book I’m using as reference for my own novel, and rereading the draft of said novel so I can rewrite it ;)

  5. There is more to Doctor Who than a mad man in a box; Taylor brings a passionate and well read analysis to each episode. With comfortable writing he discusses themes, the writers and Matt Smith in light of story arcs, current affairs, classic Who, and Veronica Mars.

    (I do really like ‘At least it has nice fonts.’ Thats classic, put it on there ;)

    (Or “This is a dreadful review of Harry Potter!!!11+++ATH0”)

  6. Thanks, Jeff!

    (It’s a long while since I saw “ATH0”. I don’t miss it :-))

  7. Something to toss in the middle of the more serious and useful quotes: “This book is just as cool as a fez!”

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