My book is out! The Eleventh Doctor: a critical ramble through Matt Smith’s tenure in Doctor Who

It’s here!

The Eleventh Doctor: a critical ramble through Matt Smith's tenure in Doctor Who by Mike Taylor

My book on the Eleventh Doctor is now out in Kindle editions [,]! Please, folks, spread the word in any Doctor Who communities that you’re a part of, and on your own blogs!

As you can see, it has a beautiful new cover, using the concept of my original design but executed much, much better. This was very generously provided by Anna Nordling, whose services are available professionally. Thanks, Anna!

While I’m thanking people, the book also benefitted from two separate phases of proof-reading. Martin Keegan and Alex Chan sent me copious lists of corrections to the almost-complete manuscript that I had prepared before Christmas; then, after I’d integrated those corrections and written the last few sections, Gabriella Marino and Jon Wensley read the whole thing and found a whole nother stack of mistakes. I deeply appreciate all this help.

The full, final table of contents is on the book’s main page.

Paperback and hardback editions will follow soon, for those who want them.

What I need at this point is reviews. I’d really appreciate it if anyone who’s read the book (or the blog posts that two thirds of it is based on) would leave a review on the Amazon pages [] — or, if you don’t use Amazon, you can leave reviews here or on the book’s main page.

Thanks again to everyone who’s made this possible!

Update (later the same day)

A couple of people have pointed out to me that while the links in the first 38 entries of the Table of Contents (“About this book” to “Episode 6.13. The Wedding of River Song”) work correctly, the last 36 link (“More thoughts on The Wedding of River Song” to “Where next?”) do not. They seem to link back themselves.

At the moment, I have no idea why this is: all the links were auto-generated by OpenOffice’s table-of-contents generator, so they should all act the same way. What’s more, in the MS-Word-formatted document that I uploaded to the Kindle store, all the links do work. I’d welcome any thoughts on what might be causing the problem, and how I could fix it.

(Once it’s fixed, I will of course upload a new version of the e-book, which should be freely available to anyone who’s bought it.)


16 responses to “My book is out! The Eleventh Doctor: a critical ramble through Matt Smith’s tenure in Doctor Who

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  2. Are there any ways of getting hold of the ebook that don’t involve amazon?

  3. At the moment, no. There probably will be, but at the moment I’m concentrating on getting get paperback version out. Email me on if you’d like to discuss.

  4. Ok. Thankyou, thats very kind of you. I will pop an email across now.

  5. Though I like the iBooks experience better, I just bought your book on Amazon, Mike. Looking forward to settling down with it.

  6. Thanks, kit! At some point (after the paperback and hardback editions are taken care of) I plan to produce other e-book formats, probably via Smashbooks. I hope that will produce iBooks, among its other formats.

    Don’t forget to leave a review on the Amazon page if you enjoy the book (or indeed if you don’t).

  7. Definately let us know when dead-tree is available; I’ll probably order one of those as well as an electronic version .. I always consider the ebook versions ‘temporary.’

    (epub is my preferred format; I don’t do Kindle or the other nasty formats that tend to lose your data over time. Calibre open source freeware can often convert from kindle to epub though, so I may give it a shot!)

    Thanks Mike

  8. Great to know I have at least one customer for the printed book :-)

    If it helps, you might want to know that the Kindle book is DRM-free.

  9. Thats interesting.. I thought all Kindle files were locked up these days. Neat.

    I’ll take a look when I get a moment, see about picking one up; a nice diversion to read while training babies to sleep at night :P

  10. Thanks, Jeff! Good luck with the babies :-)

    On the book’s main page, I’ll add the links to all twelve of the Amazon stores that carry it.

  11. Feel free to moderate this into oblivion —

    i) Works fine on Kindle reader Android (Nexus 7)
    ii) Works fine on Kindle PC (using “Crossover” for Linux, to run the Windows app under Linux)
    iii) Calibre can load up the .azw Kindle file just fine, and export to an epub

    A native epub down the road may be nice for sticklers like me, but I’m okay with the non-DRM conversion process there. Amazon can’t revoke it :)

    Thanks Mike for your hard work.. can’t wait to dive in!

  12. Thanks, Jeff, that’s helpful. Yes, I took a peek at it on the Kindle reader of an Android phone, and it seemed to work fine (though the Kindle app was amazingly slow). Amazingly, it hadn’t occurred to me use Calibre to make the EPUB. If I do that, do you know of sites that I can upload the result to, and have it sold in places like Barnes & Noble?

  13. A lot of the little guys have been snapped up the last couple years.. fictionwise, peanut press, etc, all snapped up by B&N.

    The ones that come to mind are:
    – Diesel
    – Kobo

    I’m not on top of selling/giving away ebooks I’m afraid :(

  14. Just curious Mike .. Now that some brief time has passed – how’d the book perform relative to your expectations?

  15. I would certainly like to sell a lot more copies!

    At the time of writing the total seem to be:
    Kindle at 25 copies
    Kindle at 19 copies
    Kindle at 3
    Paperback at 7

    So all together, 54 copies. Not impressive, I was hoping at least get into the few hundreds. That said, copies continue to crawl out, so we’ll see how things look in a year’s time. The good is that I now have reviews on both and, all of them five-star, so that might help to give the book legs.

    Clearly I should send review copies to influential fans. But I have no idea who whose people are. Anyone?

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