We’re selling our model railway

Remember back in 2011 we started building a new model railway? (That blogging series didn’t really get off the ground — though I’ll finish it one day, because the actual railway has come out pretty nicely.) But in part zero of that series, I showed our older railway, built in 2004:


Well, we’re selling that railway now on eBay. We need to recover some space, and we can’t really justify keeping both old and new layouts.

As you can imagine, something like this is impossible to send through the post (it’s 136 by 95.5 cm, and fragile) so it’s local pick-up only. But if you know anyone who loves railways within driving distance of the Forest of Dean, this might be exactly what they want this Christmas.

Details on the eBay auction page.

Update (the next day)

We have a (slightly fuzzy) video of the track in action:

2 responses to “We’re selling our model railway

  1. When I wanted to build a model railway (ho-gauge) back in the 1950’s, my dad built a table that could be folded up into the wall… :-) Neat stuff – I could add stuff to the model (lots of glue), and then when I was done, I could pull it up into the wall sconce and get my bedroom floor space back! It worked pretty darned well. My dad was a physicist and former aircraft mechanic, so building stuff like this was not difficult for him, and really cool for me! :-)

  2. rubberman — your dad was awesome :)

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