Spotify’s recommendation engine could use some work

Hi Sauropoda, we've found 7 music suggestions for you on Spotify. Enjoy!  Since you follow Yes, you might like Yes. Yes - 53k followers  Since you follow Dar Williams, you might like Dar Williams. Dar Williams - 5,700 followers  Have you heard this song by One Direction? Give it a try. Little Things

Right. Because someone who likes 1970s prog rock and 1990s-to-contemporary singer-songwriter neo-folk is probably the sort of person who will also like One Direction.

7 responses to “Spotify’s recommendation engine could use some work

  1. Here’s a crazy suggestion: give it a try.

    Obviously prog rock has a different sound than pop, and you might tell yourself you love one and loathe the other, but forgetting about the labels for a while might widen your appreciation of music. I’m happy that my ears seem to not care about the labels at all, and can appreciate anything I give them with a catchy melody.

  2. On unabashed “pop” songs: I like a lot of 1960s pop, when melody was at a higher premium than it is now. (That’s not just Get Off My Lawnism, objective studies have shown this). More recently, I admire and enjoy the cleanness of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn and the straightforward cheerfulness of the Cardigans’ Lovefool. No doubt also some others that I don’t remember off hand. The point of mentioning these is to convey that I’m not ideologically opposed to pop music — I just think most of it is pretty poor. I’m not familiar with One Direction, but I don’t get the sense that they’re likely to be among the exceptions. Do you disagree?

    But aaaaanyway, the real issue here is that Spotify’s recommendations were (1) for the very band that the recommendation was based on, (2) for the very singer that that recommendation was based on, and (3) something totally unrelated to both. They might just as well have rolled a dice.

  3. Since you like cheese, you might also like a weekend break in Cleethorpes.

  4. I do see that recommending X based on you saying you like X is weak. But I don’t see where you “get the sense” that that One Direction song is unrelated to both Yes and Dar Williams, (or unrelated to the kind of stuff you like) given that you aren’t familiar with One Direction. And there’s no way for us to agree or disagree with that sense since you’re the only one who hears things the way you do.

    Just today i was looking at the separate shipping notice emails for two items on the same order from Home Depot. Each email suggested I might be interested in the other item in the order.

    By the way, are you familiar with Alana Davis’s version of “Carry On”? (OMG youtube started it with a video ad for one of my Home Depot items).

  5. I “get the sense” that One Direction is unrelated to both Yes and Dar Williams because of their origin in X Factor. But in the interests of fairness I listened to two of their songs: The Best Song Ever, which is utter dreck, and The Story of my Life, which started out promisingly before fading away a bit with a nondescript thrashy chorus. I won’t be going back for a third song any time soon.

    I like the Alana Davis Carry On, though it’s a tough task to do a solo version of a song that’s really all about the close-harmony vocals.

  6. IH’s idea on the post “Dammit,, will you please let me use my store credit?” is technically money laundering. In fact, under post-9/11 laws in the U.S., I think some of the other ideas are also money laundering. I don’t think they’d come after you just for that, but if you got caught up in something else, it’s what they could use to add another 5 years on to the potential sentence and compel plea bargain.

  7. Lionel McClure

    I still can’t believe that the members of One Direction took a photo of themselves on the Abbey Road crossing. Would you rather listen to “A Day in the Life” and “Hey Jude” or “One Thing” and “What Makes You Beautiful”?

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