Guinnevere, at Goodrich Village Hall

For anyone who retains some scepticism that I sing at folk clubs, here is a rather poor-quality video of our indifferent performance last night of the superb Crosby, Stills and Nash song Guinnevere, which you can hear on their first album. Or on YouTube. You should listen to that, not this:

This is the first time I’ve made any effort to record anything I’ve done in folk clubs. Sorry about the video and audio quality. The camera has a tiny built-in mic which is actually better than it has any right to be; and the stage itself was not lit, but the wall behind it was, so we’re basically in silhouette. Also, I make a bunch of mistakes, and my voice sounds horrible. I’m posting this basically as proof that it happened, for sceptical readers.

2 responses to “Guinnevere, at Goodrich Village Hall

  1. I haven’t heard this song in years – it was quite nice to hear again, thank you for recording and sharing it. We’re always our own worst critics, especially when putting ourselves out there like this. The approach I’ve learned is “three stars and a wish”: find three things you liked, however big or small, and allow yourself to enjoy and be proud of them; next, pick only one thing to wish to do better on next time, don’t worry about the rest, and then work on that one thing for your next performance.

  2. That sounds like good advice, thanks!

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