I’m looking for Beta-testers for my Doctor Who book

My book The Eleventh Doctor will soon be complete as regards reviews — containing everything I’ve written up to and including the 50th anniversary special. I have only one episode to back-fill before that’s complete, The Name of the Doctor, which I plan to watch tonight and write about tomorrow.


Tentative frontispiece image for the Series 7 section of the book, based on a suggestion from Andrew Hickey. Original image CC BY-SA from Wikimedia Commons.

Once that’s done, I want to then do everything I can to get the book as ready as it can possibly be before Christmas. Then I’ll watch Matt Smith’s very last episode, write about it, update the conclusions that I will have drafted before then, and hopefully release it before the end of 2013.

To that end, I want to shake out any mistakes in the bulk of the book well before Christmas, so that I have the least possible work still ahead of me after having seen the Christmas special. So I am looking for volunteers to proof-read the current manuscript now.

It’s a hefty MS-Word file — currently 165 pages of A4, though it’ll be two or three pages longer once I’ve added the Name of the Doctor material. What I’m looking for is two or three people who’ll read it, making corrections using the Track Changes function of OpenOffice or MS-Word and send the file back to me. Or if you really prefer to use paper, feel free to print the ms., mark it up and post it to me. The kind of mistakes I’m looking for are:

  • Misspellings (bearing in mind that I am British, not American)
  • Missing or doubled words
  • Typos
  • Errors of fact, such as if I say that Colin Baker was the fourth Doctor or that Frazer Hines played the role of Jamie McCrikey.
  • Copyright violations.

I’m also potentially interested to know if there’s some important aspect that I failed to cover. But I’m not interested in changing the book’s basic identity at this point, so feedback like “you should add complete cast lists and broadcast dates to each episode’s write-up” will not be so helpful.

Needless to say, there’s no proofreading fee — just my gratitude in the acknowledgements of the final book, and of course a chance to get an early view of all the new material.

If you’d be interested in doing this, please email me on mike@miketaylor.org.uk. Many thanks!

Update (an hour later)

I am delighted to say that I now have three proofreaders that I need at this stage. Many thanks to all three of you. If I get further offers, I will hold those names, and use them for a second round of proofreading when all the writing except the Christmas special is done — e.g. the introduction and summary of Series 7, the Where Matt Smith Stands In The Pantheon section, the appendices.

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