Artwork for The Eleventh Doctor book

Regulars will remember from earlier this month that I’m writing a book about the  Eleventh Doctor. I’m really happy with the way the cover turned out, and also with this illustration that I put together for the introduction to the Series 6 section:


Here’s what I say about this artwork in the book:

The “impossible astronaut” art for Series 6 uses parts of two photographs:

As you can imagine, putting together illustrations for a book like this is very tricky: all the images of the programme itself are heavily encumbered by copyright, so I have to carefully find public-domain, CC By or CC By-SA images and composite them to get the ideas that I want.

Unfortunately, now that you’ve seen the cover and the Series 6 artwork, you’ve seen everything good that I’ve done. I have a piece for Series 5 representing the Crack In Time, but it’s pretty terrible — bad enough, in fact, that I’m not going to post it here. And I can’t even think of an iconic or representative image for Series 7.

So I need your help!

Dear readers: I bet some of you are much better artists than I am. I would deeply appreciate if someone were to donate some artwork that I could use. I can’t offer anything by way of recompense (unless you count credits in the acknowledgements). I’m not going to pretend it will be a gateway to fame and fortune. I’m just asking for a favour.

So if anyone can come up with contributions representing Series 5 or 7 — or indeed individual episodes or anything else relevant that I could toss in here or there — I’d count it a kindness. Please note that all images must be unencumbered by copyright. That means that all components, and the composition of them, must be either public domain, CC By or CC By-SA. I’ll need documentation of the image sources and licences, along the lines that I provided for the impossible astronaut image above.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but does anyone fancy taking a stab at it? If you do, you can either send me your images at, or post them on a server like Flickr, imgur or DeviantArt and leave a comment here with a link. The latter will be more fun, I guess, so we can comment on each other’s art.

A big thank you in advance!

14 responses to “Artwork for The Eleventh Doctor book

  1. SURELY for season seven you, of ALL people, would want a dinosaur on a spaceship?

    Failing that, a snowman or the Statue of Liberty would seem reasonable choices.

  2. A dinosaur on a spaceship is a neat image, for sure; but it doesn’t at all summarise the series as a whole. But then, does anything? It was so much a series of two halves, after all. Perhaps with that in mind the Snowman from the very middle would be the least inappropriate choice; but it’s not very visually striking (unlike, say, the impossible astronaut).

  3. Actually, the leaf might not only work as a good symbol, but be ridiculously easy.

  4. thebigbookofdating

    This is a really great shot!

  5. Oh, yes, the leaf — not bad at all!

  6. Sorry I’m making suggestions rather than creating art, BTW, but not only am I talentless artistically, but I’m still formatting the ebook version of my own book for its midnight launch…

  7. The Lake Silencio shots in the series were not filmed at a lake at all, but at Glen Canyon Reservoir in Utah. Mono Lake is very pretty, though, and it’s a real lake.

    That’s a nice composition shot, too.

  8. I really like how the visor reflection in your composition really puts the astronaut out of place, exactly like the episode.

  9. Andrew, suggestions are helpful! By all means keep them coming. Best wishes for your own book launch.

    Owen, I didn’t know the filming had been done there: the Wikipedia page doesn’t mention it, which I admit is all the research I usually do. I’m really happy with Mono Lake, though, especially because I made the Wish You Were Here connection right back in my Impossible Astronaut review.

    jwerpy, yes, that is exactly the impression I was going for. I love the visor reflecting something other than what would be reflected in it, and the classic Buzz Aldrin photo was a gift.

  10. Use the spacesuit pic for the cover and overlay the text? That’d take dome serious photoshopping but might be more striking?

  11. I’m happy with the current cover — Matt Smith, with the other two New Who Doctors misty presences at his shoulder. The astronaut art is nice, but very specific to Series 6.

  12. For Series 7, you could also do a chess set, like in “Nightmare in Silver”.

  13. The chess set is nice; but I’d like to land on something emblematic of the whole series, like the Crack is for Series 5 and the Astronaut for Series 6.

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