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My new favourite Unicode characters

For reasons that seemed good to me, I was leafing through The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0 — 1,040 pages of character-set goodness — when I stumbled across this pair of characters on page 520:

  • ≸ (U+2278) — neither less than nor greater than
  • ≹ (U+2279) — neither greater than nor less than

It moves my soul that both of these exist.

Answering 25 tough interview questions, part 2

Here are the next five of those 25 tough interview questions that I mentioned last time. With my answers. Again, I encourage you to add your own.


6. “If you were the Head of Barclays Corporate what would your strategy be with the recent European Crisis?” – Asked at Barclays.

Oh dear, this is miserable beginning. I know nothing about finance and next to nothing about economics.

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Answering 25 tough interview questions, part 1

I stumbled across this blog post listing 25 tough interview questions that people have been asked, and thought it might be rather jolly to attempt some answers. I’ve not read the questions before embarking on this process, so I have no idea whether they’ll be interesting or not, but I feel the need for some light relief after recent work.


I’ll take them in batches of five. Here are the first five:

1. “If you were to win £1 million what would you do with the money?” – Asked at PwC.

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