My new bat-plan

My bat-sons and I are very fond of the 1966 bat-film Batman: the Movie (though my bat-wife is not so keen). One of the distinctive bat-features of this bat-film is of course Batman’s tendency to precede bat-nouns with the bat-prefix “bat-“. My new bat-plan is to adopt this verbal bat-tic in my own bat-speech, but using it before every bat-noun.


Bat-exceptions: proper bat-nouns and bat-titles, such as “Batman: the movie” are exempt, as are direct bat-quotes. Certain nounal bat-phrases, such as “bat-utility belt” are evidently treated as a unit and receive a “bat-” bat-prefix before the bat-phrase as a whole; in bat-others, such as “nounal phrase”, the bat-prefix seems to fit more naturally between the bat-adjective and the bat-noun. I’ll decide how to treat such bat-phrases on a bat-case-by-bat-case bat-basis.

Finally, needless to say, we won’t be employing the bat-prefix for bat-pronouns. Bat-that would be silly.

(It now occurs to me that this would make rather a good Radio-4 bat-panel game, in the bat-style of Just a Minute. Hey, BBC! Don’t forget the bat-royalties!)


9 responses to “My new bat-plan

  1. There’s only one bat-problem : it’s bat-bat-shit crazy

  2. Damn. Hadn’t read that pesky second last para properly.

  3. I’m wondering not about bat-phrases but about the actual noun ‘bat’. That isn’t a bat-phrase per se. Now, perhaps one would use the nounal-phrase exception and talk about a “bat-cricket bat”, but the second time one refers to it one normally omits the first word — so does it become a “bat-bat’?

    (A good thing actual bats don’t use cricket implements, or you could potentially have a bat-bat bat.)

  4. When we discussed it this morning, one of the boys came up with the idea of Batman owning a bat-eating cat, which might be referred to as a “bat cat”, much as fruit-eating bat is named “fruit bat” after the food that it eats. Batman would refer to such his pet as a bat-bat bat-cat. (And of course to the frugivore as a bat-fruit bat-bat).

  5. Surely this could be automated as a WordPress plug-in.

  6. So long as the noun-recognition is good enough, yes. I would need to recognise the difference between “I am going to attempt a JUMP” and “I am going to JUMP”, prefixing the former but not the latter.

    This reminds me of one of the incarnations of my on-again-off-again multi-user game HERRING. In that version (of which the source-code is sadly lost), you could cast spells on players that would affect their speech — some in obvious ways (the “shout” spell would make people speak in all-caps), some more subtle (“invogriate” would make them drop apostrophes from before “s”s when provided, and insert them when omitted, making the target look illiterate). It would be neat to add a Batman-speak spell.

  7. To my pleasant surprise, I found this (in documentation that I wrote myself, but long enough ago to have forgotten all about it.)

  8. Holy bat prefixes batman!!!

    You could also try interspersing those awesome bat-verbs (bam, pow, and biff) randomly into conversation as well.

  9. My Spider-sense is tingling.

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