Login to My Account to view your bill

Come on, TalkTalk. You can do better than this.


What the heck is my bill doing in your account?

You could have gone with “Login to your account to view your bill”, or “Login to My Account to see My Bill”. But splitting the difference is horrible (though you do get half a point for the asymmetric capitalisation, which I assume is trying vainly to make the point that My Account is the name of a page rather than a description of what’s there).


9 responses to “Login to My Account to view your bill

  1. *shrug* It probably just means that Windows 95 is new for them. You remember how that always went/still goes: “.. Okay, now right click on My Computer … Open your My Documents folder …”
    Windows — garbling grammar since 1995.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  2. Right. From the same stable that gave us “Click Finish to continue starting Windows 98”.

  3. Yes. And the old chestnut: Click on the _Start_ menu to Shutdown. :-)

  4. At least it isn’t “Login to your My Account”.

    Also, if the login process works, they’re one up on EDF, who insist that my surname is invalid whenever I try, forcing me to pay using their near-interminable automated phone system.

  5. Hello,
    So i read in the last two days from 2010 until this very last post.
    I had a good laugh at the crunchy post and i liked several other articles.
    So let me tell you, how i found your Blog: i searched for a good explanation on the difference between imperative and functional style. This way i landed on your article https://reprog.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/the-long-overdue-serious-attempt-at-lisp-part-1-which-lisp/

    And now after I enjoyed all of the functional programming articles, please allow me to be your bad conscience:
    “Do more on functional programming! ”

    (This is motivated by pure self interest, as i got new insights on this topic through your posts. So i hope you are not offended)

    Best regards

    PS: as english is not my native language please be forgiving on this issue

  6. Hi, good to hear from you! Thanks for acting as my conscience. I really should write (and indeed learn) more about functional programming, and your prod is well deserved. But I must honestly warn you that it won’t be any time in the next couple of months — I am drowning in two or three separate and demanding deadlines relating to quite different work. Right now, I am only posting short thoughts on this blog, though that will change once I am out of the woods.

  7. Hi,

    well you’re on my watchlist now and i’ll make sure to not miss any new posts.

    As i encountered, quite like you, many times myself on trying learning lisp and never finished more than a few starter tutorials, i switched over to haskell for now.
    Stripping away all this ‘overload’ of functionality an macro expansion and what the hack.
    So i want you to know that i can empathise with your struggle.
    Haskell is going great for now but i know for sure that i’ll come back to common lisp.
    So thanks for the explanation and i’m looking forward to more FP related articles

  8. Having worked on a level 1 desk that wording is near perfect (though a good case could be made for Log in to ‘My Account’ to see your bill.)

    Option 1 would have resulted in calls from customers confused as “I can’t find the your account tab and I need to see my bill, I can only see My Account”.

    Option 2 would have a similar effect (possibly with a different subset of users) who would be calling to query how to view their bill “it only tells me how to view your bill, why would the website have a bill?”

    They could rename the account page ‘your account’ but this opens up problems again.

    If you are savvy enough to be upset by the poor natural language, your not going to have a problem with the instructions. They weren’t written for you.

    On a related not has anyone done any research on what proportion of “srsly???” support calls are genuine and how many are lonely or trolling?

  9. The solution is simple enough: don’t name areas of a site “My This” or “Your That”. Just stop it. It’s an idiot idea that Microsoft brought to the masses with their “My Computer” nonsense, and which the masses blindly copied, to their detriment.

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