Pear cider

My son Matthew went food-shopping with Fiona this morning (they’re off school for the Easter holiday) and he bought me a pear cider, on the assumption that it would be made from 100% pears. But when we checked the bottle, it turned out to be 3.5% alcohol by volume, so it must be at most 96.5% pears.


In completely related news, I am informed by Stewart Lee’s management that his DVDs are in fact region-free, not region-2-only as stated on their Amazon pages. So I bought a copy of If You Prefer a Milder Comedian, Please Ask For One for an American friend. He’ll let me know whether it works. (One of many reasons for buying this is to compensate for the copy that I pirated: buying a DVD for a friend has to be better than donating to a donkey sanctuary.)

Lee’s management says that “For legal reasons Amazon will not change the wording”. What on earth could be Amazon’s “legal reasons” for insisting on a lie? I’ll let you know if they clarify.


The “region 2” DVD of If You Prefer A Milder Comedian did work in the USA, confirming Lee’s management’s assertion that it was in fact region-free. Hurrah for the DVD makers! And boo to Amazon for lying!

11 responses to “Pear cider

  1. Turns out this was my 256th post. I mention it because the fact has a certain programmingy flavour, which I admit is more than one can say for the blog itself these days.

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  3. Possibly Amazon’s lawyers prefer to present the narrative in which region-locks are a technical limitation of the DVD format?

  4. Pear cider??? Does nobody use the perfectly good term Perry any more?

  5. I must have an old feed reader, it looks like you -127th post to me. :D

  6. Gavin, I’m afraid Stewart Lee was constrained to use the nomenclature that Magner’s used. However lame.

    JohnH, my WordPress console says “All (281) | Published (256) | Drafts (25)”.

  7. I’m not sure I’d even describe Magner’s cider as cider! More like an alchopop masquerading as a proper drink. I do buy stuff labelled ‘pear cider’ sometimes, though I always wince at the name. You might as well call wine ‘grape beer’…

  8. Ironically, I used to drink a lot of pear juice, until about six months ago when our local branch of Lidl stopped stocking it. That really was made from 100% pears.

    Nine times out of ten, I’m not really bothered about cider, be it apple or pear. I’ve never had one that approaches the complexity and richness of a good beer.

  9. I can be something of a cider fan, though it’s harder and harder to find a decent one. When it’s not alcopop cider like Magners, it’s smack cider like White Lightning. I’m pretty sure they just get a vat of chemicals, waft the factory apple over the top of it and call it cider…

  10. Could the 3.5% alcohol actually be the result of fermenting pear sugars? It might be 100% pear after all.

  11. I did wonder whether that would count. But the ingredients list on the label also said something about spring water, so I think any aspirations of 100% pears are well and truly defeated.

    In an ironic twist, when I opened the pear cider that Matthew bought, Fiona really liked it, so that when we all went for a pub lunch yesterday that’s what she ordered to drink. Surely not the outcome that Stewart Lee had in mind.

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