Centric Events are repeat spammers

Like most people I get a bit of spam in my email, even after GMail’s mostly-excellent filter has done its work. Most of these are at least polite enough to have an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom, and they pretty much always work.


Centric Events, on the other hand, keep sending my their rubbish. They shtick is to sell lunches with sporting celebrities at £2000+VAT per table. I have no idea what made them ever think that I would be interested in doing such a thing. But I do know that there is no “unsubscribe” link in their emails, and that they have ignored at least one email asking them to stop spamming me.

So I am pretty sure that what they are doing is illegal, and I know it’s immoral. Dear Centric: STOP IT.

8 responses to “Centric Events are repeat spammers

  1. I hope you’re clicking the “report spam” button in gmail. That’s how their filters learn, benefiting everyone on the system. (Disclaimer: I work for Google, but not on gmail, and this comment is unrelated to my job)

  2. Yes, I am. But obviously the learning is cumulative, and doesn’t take effect immediately. (I will probably make a filter to deal with these messages, but I would much rather not have to.)

  3. Hit up ebay or dig through your attic, pick up a modem; any baud rate will do, but bonus points for 2400bps or 300bps with their silken connection sounds (or the HST higher speed ones with the PONG noise..)
    2) Wardial their phone number 24-7, whenever your phone is not in use. You know how the phone spammers like ot argue they can call our lines.. they’re public .. well, works both ways.
    3) If they call you on it, troll them on which celebrity they can set you up with; bonus points if oyu can score Angelina Jolie and stand her up
    4) There is a linux program, from eyars ago (I forget which), that has a database of spoken phrases.. you can sue it to wardial or receive spam calls and engage in poor conversations with people, to tie them up.
    5) I’m not serious, but tempting, no?

  4. I just got this message from Peter Gill, Sales Manager for Centrica:

    Dear Mr Mike Taylor,

    I refer to the following article found here https://reprog.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/centric-events-are-repeat-spammers/

    I believe this article was posted by yourself dated 14th January 2013.

    Our client database is 100% compiled guests who have attended our events over the last 6 years. We never buy data or accept data off any 3rd party. If you have been receiving our email flyers it will be due to the fact you have attended an event of ours in the past. Therefore we are not repeat spammers as we only send information to current customers and past attendees.

    As you can clearly see in the image below, every one of our emails sent has an unsubscribe link at the bottom –

    I have double checked the email dino@miketaylor.org.uk and it is not on our database. If there is any other email address which has been receiving our emails please let me know and I will have them removed.


    Pete Gill | Sales Manager

    Am I being very stupid? I can’t for the life of me see an unsubscribe link at the bottom of that email. Can anyone?

  5. My response to Peter:

    Hi, Peter, thanks for getting in touch. Once again, it turns out that blogging about misbehaviour is a much more effective way of getting a response than direct contact. (I have emailed Centric before to ask for the spam to stop, and never had a reply.)

    I absolutely and emphatically, without any shadow of a doubt, have NOT attended any of your events, ever. I don’t know how you got hold of my email address, but it most certainly was not through the means you state.

    I have scrutinised the image you attached very closely, and simply can’t make out an unsubscribe link anywhere. It’s possible that I’m being very stupid here. Can you please help me out by describing exactly where in the image it is?

    Thank you for checking that the “dino” address is off your list. The address that your messages have been coming to is . I look forward to having that one removed, too.

    — Mike.

    Further bulletins as events warrant.

  6. You’re not being stupid…just the victim of poor design!

    The link is under the Facebook/Twitter buttons
    The blue on black background is really hard to see

  7. Are you sure? I blew it up to 400% and still couldn’t make out anything that looks much like “unsubscribe”. I suppose the last work could be it.

  8. Yep..it says “Click this link to unsubscribe”

    Totally agree it’s near impossible to read

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