Trying to escape from PlusNet

I’m trying to change ISP, because my current sorry excuse for an ISP (PlusNet) throttles my connection down to sub-modem speeds towards the end of each month as punishment for using too much bandwidth.

To move away, I need to know my MAC key. This, they will not tell me.

A sequence of four of five times around with the online support system resulted in their flatly refusing to tell me. In the end I had to write them a paper letter.

I did this, and they finally sent me a MAC address. Then other things intervened, and I only now return to that issue, ready to progress it. Now I find that the address they sent me expired after one month.

So I have to go through the whole wretched process again.

This time, rather than writing, I tried phoning the number they gave me. It took nearly two minutes to make my way through the auto-answering system. When I finally did, the automated voice told me that there would be a twenty-minute wait before I could speak to a human.

A twenty-minute wait. To obtain information that they could easily send me online. But won’t.

DEAR PLUSNET. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DO CUSTOMER RETENTION. What you need to do is make me want to stay with you, not make it hard for me to leave you. Because I will leave you, but I will do it kicking and screaming.


5 responses to “Trying to escape from PlusNet

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  2. MAC address is easily gotten; its like an IP address, but a layer below .. I see you’ve already resolved, but if you need a hand sorting this stuff out, let me know ;)

  3. Michael Williamson

    Jeff: I think the MAC being written about here is different from a MAC address:

  4. Ah, now I also had not realised that there are two completely different Internet configuration IDs both called “MAC Address” (and for that reason never understood why I needed my ISP to tell me the relevant address). What idiot came up with that naming scheme? Thanks, Michael, for clarifying.

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