Classic rock for Fundamentalists, 1: Meat Loaf



8 responses to “Classic rock for Fundamentalists, 1: Meat Loaf

  1. Richard G. Whitbread

    Don’t tell me: No. 2 on the list is AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Heck’.

  2. Not quite, Richard, though it’s a good guess. Stand by for #2 later today!

  3. Are singles eligible? Will we see XTC’s “Dear Gosh” at some point?

  4. I’m afraid not — I am very much an albums guy.

    I do have a few surprises still in store, though.

  5. There’s no shortage of options, obviously. I admit I didn’t know about the Chris Rea album.

  6. Best album ever (the original, I mean)

  7. I admit I have a soft spot a mile wide for it. The delivery is so perfect that I laugh every single time on “I bet you say that to all the boys”.

  8. I can only agree… I laugh, too, but I find this one of a hell neat song. Great lyrics, good arrangements. Steinman at its best. Of course Meat Loaf is also a good singer, but you have to get the hang of it… I still remember the day I was sipping a coffee in a café, backwards to MTV and just after hearing 3 verses I realised Meat Loaf had a new album quite likely made by Jim (Bat Out of Hell 3, the song was It’s all coming back to me.) And this with only 3 verses…

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