Monthly Archives: June 2012

Dear dessert-marketing corporations: please do not attempt philosophy

On my flight to Boston the other week, I was given a dessert (to be fair, a pretty good chocolate mousse) in a pot whose packaging was so startlingly inane that I had to save it for later derision. Here it is:

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I despair of English football

I don’t usually write about football (aka. soccer) here because I know it’s not of interest to most readers. But I just have to get this off my chest. Last night’s England-Italy game was the most inane approximation of a football match that I’ve ever seen our sorry excuse for a national team perpetrate.

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Captcha gone crazy

I absolutely loathe Capchas, those stupid type-in-the-distorted-word puzzles that so many blogs challenge you with before they deign to accept your comment. My feeling is that if the site owner feels that strongly about keeping me out, then they can just manage without my wit and wisdom, thank you.

But this one, which I was challenged with just now, really took the cake:

Not acceptable, world!