Has Apple gone too far with its iBrick?

I am a big fan of Apple’s minimalist design aesthetic, but I think they may have gone too far with their new iBrick:

Although I do like the look of the iBrick Pro:

5 responses to “Has Apple gone too far with its iBrick?

  1. jacobmattison

    But you can’t deny that it’s an intuitive interface.

  2. skyhawk2891

    They already did it with the iPod Shuffle =)

  3. So, if I say “I bricked my computer”, is this what I meant? :-)

  4. What? You didn’t like the original iPod Shuffle? I know you meant this as a joke, but they’ve already built the displayless iPod. :>

  5. Actually, I own an original iPod Shuffle — I won it for making the Most Irritating Comment at a conference. It lacks a display, sure, but it has controls.

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