My dinner tonight

Fiona and the boys are visiting the in-laws, so I have the house to myself.  That means I can cook what I want when I want; and what I want is sushi (big surprise).

That’s one 250g fillet of salmon, four crabsticks, half an avocado, plus rice, mayonnaise, paprika, picked daikon and: walnuts.  Yes, I know that walnuts are not standard sushi fare, but I urge you to try it.  Their texture complements this other ingredients perfectly.  They work particularly well with the crabstick.


7 responses to “My dinner tonight

  1. Well, that still leaves the question as to the wine you will drink to accompany this feast! Sake would be appropriate, but a nice chilled Chardonnay would not be remiss either! :-)

  2. Sorry to disappoint, but I went with a light, hoppy ale. Not a traditional choice, I’ll grant you, but one that works surprisingly well.

  3. Dennis Schafroth

    Dear colleague, when do you invite us over?

  4. Haha, I’d love to host you all, but that would have been a bit more practical a few years ago before the company got so big! Also the accommodation would not be quite so grand as in Cancun. The problem with making sushi is that it takes time x+ny to make, where x is the constant time to make the rice and prepare it, and y is the time it takes to construct nigiri and rolls for one person. It’s O(n) where, say, a curry is more or less O(1).

  5. “This thread has no value without samples!”

    I demand a good spicy curry recipe :)

  6. Jeff demands a good spicy curry recipe.

    Here is a chicken dhansak recipe from my old site. I’ve made it many times, always with good results.

  7. Nice, wow; pineapples?! (amusing this got called out at the bottom, too.)

    I shall have to try .. my wife has come along to be very fond of curry, but not spicy; it is a challenge :)

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