Then and now: watercolour and photo

In the previous post, I mentioned that back in 1995 Fiona and I had been on holiday to Plakias, on the south coast of Crete, and that I painted this picture of the Pension Stella, where we stayed:

Writing that made me nostalgic, so I thought I’d see whether I could find photos on the web.  It took a while, because it turns out that its name has changed to Stella Studios, but I found it.  And on the Stella Studios web-site, I found this photo, taken from nearly the same place, and presumably the best part of seventeen years later:

Looks like that little tree/fern thing has grown pretty impressive!

Update (27 September 2019)

I found four more photos of the pension from similar angles:

The first one from Plakias, das ehemalige Fischerdorf:


The second from Resort, Hotel, Apartments, Studios und Hostel auf Kreta:


The third from Stella Studios in Plakias:


And finally this one from a Google Maps gallery:

Screenshot from 2016-09-27 12-17-55.jpeg



5 responses to “Then and now: watercolour and photo

  1. Kewl! And to think “they” say you can’t go back there again… :-)

  2. That baby palm tree is very cute indeed.

  3. Ah – Rethymnon! Such fond memories, like losing the car keys in the sand and throwing an unattached anchor overboard into five fathoms of water. I also recall someone leaving a kettle on the hob one day and us coming back to find it had boiled dry and the rubberised lid had atomised into billions of tiny particles that clung like a thin black veil onto every surface. Thinking about it, perhaps the kettle incident was from a different Cretan holiday, but there were so many incidents each time we went to Greece that they all now seem to merge into one happy misadventure!

  4. Well, Vince, I give you seven out of ten for those reminiscences :-) All three of these things did indeed happen on a holiday with you, Sarah, Fiona and me; but it was in Skiathos, not Crete. Also memorable: playing an enormous amount of canasta (I can’t remember the rules any more), and someone, I think it was you, having nightmares from eating a pizza with way too much cheese on it. But it’s the casual way we were able to hire a speedboat for the day that really makes me want to go back! (We should, as soon as our kids are old enough to look after themselves.)

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