A quick apology …

… for those of you who don’t care about Doctor Who.  I was a bit shocked to see that all four of the most recent posts here have been Who reviews.  And the next one or two probably will be, as well.  I try to keep an eclectic mix of topics, but things have got away from me, and it’s been very Who-centric.

This Saturday’s episode will be the last in the current series, so once that one is out of my system there will be no more until Christmas.  I’ll get back to writing about, well, everything else.  (Except sauropod vertebrae, of course.)


11 responses to “A quick apology …

  1. Speaking for me. I have no problem with Doctor Who discussions on your blog. They’re great.

  2. I love your Doctor Who reviews.

  3. I think I remember you doing a similar apology last year, Mike. ;P

  4. No reason to apologize, it takes barely a second to skip to the next post in Google Reader.

  5. I just come here for the photos of food… :)

  6. No need to apologize but if you really want to make it up to me you could turn off the OnSwipe for your blog. :)

  7. Is “OnSwipe” the stupid popup “previews” that take forever to appear, and so basically amount to a facility for obscuring the page with black rectangles? I turned that off long ago, but if it’s turned itself back on I will gladly re-kill it. Do you happen to know how?

  8. No worries, man. I love your reviews. This has become the go-to place for Dr Who discussion to me.

  9. It’s no problem. The main thing I come to this site for are the Doctor Who reviews and the programmer-y stuff. Mostly the Doctor Who reviews.

    (Actually, to an extent even the reviews themselves aren’t the thing–since you started tweeting when you have a new blog entry, that has turned out to be the most useful thing. As I am over in America and don’t actually have cable, the tweet about the review is sometimes the only reminder I have that there’s a new episode available!)
    The religious discussion had earlier was invigorating, of course, but I still feel that too much talk or debate on that sort of thing is counter-productive. Most of the time, each person has their own deeply held beliefs on the subject and they are not like to change them.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  10. To turn off OnSwipe for iPad visitors to your blog, go to Appearance -> iPad in your Dashboard and you can disable it from there.

    Personally, I dislike it because it removes customized themes and makes every WordPress look the same- bland. It’s also very “bouncy” and half the time prevents me from viewing the bottom of a post unless I rotate the screen and back.

    You can get more info from http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/ipad-onswipe-theme/

    P.S. And thanks for the heads up on “Veronica Mars” a while back. The wife and I enjoyed breezing through all three seasons. It’s unfortunate it ended the way it did.

  11. Thanks, Erik. I have turned it off.

    On Veronica … I must write properly about this some time. Like most people I initially struggled with the ending. But in the end I concluded that it was right way to go out — everything wasn’t tied up a neat little bow, and nor should it be.

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