A quest fulfilled

A quick note to say that tonight I fulfilled an ambition that I’ve had for a year or so.  Back in the old post Let’s Do Everything, I mentioned that “Tonight, Fiona played in a local folk club, and it made me realise that I’d like to do that, too.”  This evening was a Singers’ Night at the Forest Folk Club, which is less than ten miles away from where we live.  So I took along my guitar, and played and sang four songs to a smallish but appreciative audience — about 25 people.  Either they were all being very generous in their response, or it went pretty well.

For anyone who cares, the four songs were Richard Shindell’s The Next Best Western; We Learned the Sea and February (both originally by Dar Williams); and the Beatles classic Here, There and Everywhere.

I plan to do it again at the next Singers’ Night in a fortnight, but I will have to get four new songs up to scratch by then!

17 responses to “A quest fulfilled

  1. Mike, have someone record itnext time! Youtube or it didn’t happen. : ]

  2. I concur. Youtube or it didn’t happen. :)

  3. Sheesh, what a skeptical lot!

    I don’t honestly think YouTube is a very realistic option. No-one filmed any of the acts, and it would have felt like a very strange thing to do, not in keeping with how the club runs. Maybe a scrap of iPhone footage wouldn’t be unreasonable, but then I don’t have such a beast and anyway it would sound terrible.

    I may try to record a track or two on our studio at some point, but don’t hold your breath — live performance is much more appealing to me.

  4. Damn, how do you pull it ‘all’ off? Honestly I don’t know how people keep up with life, as I sure as heck cannot ;)

    But having a main job, plus your sauropod side-fetish, and learning to/keeping up with guitar, and still finding a few moments to read, and watch full series of Buffy (which is what 7-8 years of 20 episodes each.. quote daunting.) And you seem an upstanding fellow who must be trying to be a good dad as well, which we cannot underestimate the time required..

    I find it very hard ot keep up with work, hobbies, kids .. no time to read or anything else. I’d love to learn some drumming ….

    .. damn you ;)

    P.S.; fwiw, Firefox’s spelling checker hilights ‘firefox’ as a problem, but not sauropod.

  5. Just goofing around with the youtube comment. : ] There’s nothing quite like the vitality of a live performance for both the performer and the audience.

    It’s been years since I’ve been able to get up in front of an audience and do my thing, so really I’m a little jealous. But I still have a couple of kids in diapers, so time and season.

    Like jeff mentioned above, you’re an inspiration for the rest of us with aspirations.

  6. Congratulations! As everybody else says, it’s impressive and inspiring to hear about somebody else just going ahead and doing the things that they’ve been wanting to do.

    And, do let us know if you end up finding interesting things from the last thread of music recommendations, or if you want more suggestions. I know that thread helped me find some new music that I’ve been enjoying.

  7. Thanks you all for your kind words. As to how I fit it all in … I don’t really know, apart from the fact that when I sleep, I tend to sleep deeply, and because I work at home I don’t have to spend any time commuting. Those two things combined mean that I can get up at 8am most days, which means I can work till 1am or 2am the night before (where “work” here sometimes means “watch episodes of Buffy“).

    NickS, I will indeed be reporting back on the music recommendations, probably in a few days.

  8. Tagore Smith

    That’s very cool. I miss performing. I won’t claim to have ever been a very good musician, but I was part of an act that was popular enough that I got hooked on performing. I miss playing for people, so kudos to you for doing so. And kudos for being able to get up before you have to ;).

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  14. “Here, There and Everywhere” is one of the most beautiful songs in the history of Western music.

  15. I won’t argue with that!

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