Growing in wisdom through being dumb

I hand the floor to my good friend Matt:

“About every three or four months I realize that I’ve spent my entire life up until now being a dumbass; the problem is that ‘now’ keeps moving and every time I think I’ve finally got everything figured out, I later determine that I was/am still a moron.  I distinctly remember having this feeling for the first time in third grade, age of eight, and I keep hoping it will eventually go away, but that hope seems increasingly unfounded.”

Matt Wedel.

[Update, the next day: I now realise that I quoted this once before, in my review of the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special.  Sorry for the repeat.]

7 responses to “Growing in wisdom through being dumb

  1. Your good friend Matt is very wise.

  2. Yeah, that is perfectly normal. Actually, the fact that he keeps realizing he’s been a dumbass is probably good. If he were to ever stop realizing it, it would probably not mean he had ceased to be a dumbass. It would only mean that he had ceased to realize it. That’s what turns people into zealots.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  3. Oh, you can take it from me — he has not ceased to be a dumbass.

  4. The Cosmic Schmuck Principle holds that if you don’t wake up, once a month at least, and realize that you have been acting like a Cosmic Schmuck again then you will probably go on acting like a cosmic schmuck forever; but if you do, occasionally, recognize your Cosmic Schmuckiness, then you might begin to become a little less Schmucky that the general human average at this primitive stage of terrestrial evolution.

  5. I think Mike keeps quoting this because he has a similar serial epiphany, in which every three or four months he realizes that I’m a dumbass. But he does keep quoting me, so who am I to complain?

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