It’s gone quiet around here

Folks, sorry for the break in transmission.  I really want to get my review of A Good Man Goes to War done, and foolishly I didn’t feel I should move on to write about anything else before that was done.  But an absolute frenzy at work has meant I’ve not had time to watch it again and write intelligently about it, hence this break.

And now I am going away for a week to New Orleans, for the annual conference and exhibit of the American Library Association.  There I will meet up with my Index Data colleagues.  Although we work together by email and Skype through the year, we typically only all get together twice a year — once in the summer, once before Christmas — so they tend to be very intense times, both socially and in the technical work that gets done.  So don’t expect a lot of posting during that week.

I’ll try to resume normal service when I get back.

By the way, one of my mail goals for this New Orleans trip is to eat a lot of “barbecue” (in the American sense of that word).  These comments on a recent post reminded me what I’ve been missing.

10 responses to “It’s gone quiet around here

  1. It’s cruel to kill and eat animals! Enjoy your meal though.

  2. WyrdestGeek

    American BBQ/barbecue is pretty awesome. (I live in Kansas City Missouri and it’s nice to have things in my area that I can be proud of.)

    I haven’t been to New Orleans, but I’m confident they know how to prepare yummy slow cooked meat.

    On the word “barbecue” itself: I did not know British usage of the word was different, and I was forgetting, for the moment, that in order to get really good tasting meat, you’ve got to cook it the very slow way in the special kind of cooker that Mike Rowe cleaned one time.

    The instructions on how to avoid pointless arguments from the Basic Instructions site are good. I’m already aware of them personally, but I think geeky type people can always use reminders in that area. Also, I’ve got a 13 year old step-son that really doesn’t get the concept of futility. (I learned that from the movie War Games of all places.)

    Good luck with the conference!

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  3. Oh hi! I follow your blog for the interesting programming discussions, but I’m also in New Orleans for ALA since my wife is a librarian. I just got in yesterday and went out for amazing seafood. I wouldn’t limit myself just to BBQ, get some catfish and crawfish and fried chicken too :)

  4. ++ on Nawlins seafood. Plus throw in the occasional breakfast beignet if you can. Mmmmmmmm, pastry.

  5. Mike,

    In New Orleans you’ve definitely got to expand out from barbecue. New Orleans is famous for their gumbo and jambalaya. You’ve gotta try it!

    I also second the vote for a beingnet.

  6. Barbecue is the US South’s version of wine — there’s a majillion different variations, and if you’re going to a particular area, you really ought to seek out that area’s particular style for best results. Real Louisiana BBQ is generally marinated in citrus, and they’re not obsessive about the whole “pork shoulder is the only one true BBQ”, so you’re ok getting chicken. If there’s a garnish of parsley goo (i.e. persillade), you’re at the right place.

  7. That being said, anything but pork shoulder isn’t actually barbecue.

  8. If you’re looking for a seriously different regional variation, try Eastern North Carolina BBQ (which is very different that Western North Carolina BBQ).

  9. Jeff, I wish I had the resolution to make that kind of comparison. Sadly, the only comparison I am in a position to make is between “BBQ in the USA” and “Lack of BBQ elsewhere”.

    On the positive side, I have just returned from an evening of eating fine New Orleans BBQ with my fine colleagues, and following with a selection of excellent beers and the odd single-malt whisky here and there.

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