I made some sushi –and– I have the Doctor Who Shakes

On Thursday evening I made some sushi.  I do that fairly often, but it’s hard to get good photographs of the results.  On Thursday, though, it was a beautiful warm evening, so we ate outside, which meant that I could get photos in daylight.

It take a looong time to make, but it’s worth it!

The nearest plate has a king prawn roll in the middle, flanked by king prawn inside-out and crab inside-out.  Needless to say, that’s salmon nigiri in the middle plate.  In the last few batches I’ve made, I’ve cut down on the number of nigiri and cut the salmon thicker.  It’s worth the reduction in number: thicker salmon seems somehow qualitatively different.

And that furthest plate:

Down the middle, salmon inside-out with avocado and daikon (Japanese pickled “radish”); closest, salmon roll with avocado and mayonnaise; and furthest, a roll with lightly cooked salmon, plus avocado and walnuts.  (I use walnuts a fair bit in sushi, including in the king prawn inside-out roll shown above.  They work well, the texture complements the others involved.)

And now … a quick bite to eat, and then A Good Man Goes to War.  I am terrified.  (Not by the bite to eat, by the Doctor Who episode).  It has so much work to do.  Can it do it?

5 responses to “I made some sushi –and– I have the Doctor Who Shakes

  1. Shannon Nelson

    Oh, yum, those look tasty. Sadly, here in the States it seems we’re now a week behind in our Doctor episodes on BBC America. Unless, of course, we seek out the alternative sources…

  2. looking forward to your rev of a good man goes to war! when will it come??

  3. When will then be now?

  4. New plan — not right yet. Tonight I have to revise a press-release for the German dinosaur paper, extend an XSLT stylesheet to transform more bibliographic data, work on a semon for this Sunday, and think about RPM packaging for a tricky bit of Perl/C interface code. My life has suddenly got very busy, and it will probably now be a few days before I can get around to reviewing AGMGtW after all. Sorry.

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