Monthly Archives: June 2011

It’s gone quiet around here

Folks, sorry for the break in transmission.  I really want to get my review of A Good Man Goes to War done, and foolishly I didn’t feel I should move on to write about anything else before that was done.  But an absolute frenzy at work has meant I’ve not had time to watch it again and write intelligently about it, hence this break.

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I made some sushi –and– I have the Doctor Who Shakes

On Thursday evening I made some sushi.  I do that fairly often, but it’s hard to get good photographs of the results.  On Thursday, though, it was a beautiful warm evening, so we ate outside, which meant that I could get photos in daylight.

It take a looong time to make, but it’s worth it!

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The Almost People, redux: let’s see if we can sort this out

[A revised and improved version of this essay appears in my book The Eleventh Doctor: a critical ramble through Matt Smith’s tenure in Doctor Who.]

A few days have passed since I watched The Almost People, and I have calmed down a bit — just a little bit.  I am sure it wasn’t Moffat’s or Graham’s intention to have the Doctor do you-know-what.  So what was going on?

If you know what I’m talking about (i.e. if you’ve seen the episode), read on.  If not, then skip this article: it’s DEEPLY SPOILY.

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