Dumbed down

I was picking up some groceries in Lidl this evening when this advertisement in their hand-out caught my eye.

Seriously, Lidl?  Do we really need to be told that a Stainless Steel Pedestal Barcecue is “Ideal for BBQs”?

Yes, apparently we can’t be expected to figure this out for ourselves.

12 responses to “Dumbed down

  1. Stephen Moody

    I don’t see the problem, unless you point out that BBQ and Barbecue are the same thing how will people know?

  2. Well, it might be part of their “Ideal for BBQs” product line of grills, charcoal briquets, and lighter fluid. Which would be marginally less inane.

  3. MLeoDaalder

    Well, that’s a new use for one of those things for me!
    I’ve only used such things as a metal smelter, it even got metal included! Even if it’s a bit dodgy.
    The very idea of using such a thing to prepare food, simply hadn’t occurred to me.

    I should say, I have heard of BBQ (it’s the acronym for Burned Beef Queue of course!) I just hadn’t realised you used one of those in conjunction of the black smoke and tear-y eyed people still claiming there is nothing better than cinder burned beef (re-arrange those words and add “to a”). Will have to take a better look next time.

  4. Barbeque != grilling
    One involves long periods of indirect heat, the other involves short periods of direct heat…

  5. Yobgod, are you merely making a point, or actually quoting That Basic Instructions strip?

    Yes, it’s true that “barbecue” means different things on different sides of the Altantic. I wondered whether to explain all this in the article, but wanted to keep it short and sweet. Briefly, what we Brits call barbecue, you Americans call grilling. Grilling for us is what you call broiling. We don’t have that word at all (which I can live without), but more tragically we don’t have the concept of what you call barbecue. That kind of food just doesn’t exist in the UK … except perhaps in an emasculated theme-park sort of manifestation in “American” restaurants. In 2007, I spent the best part of a week in Norman, Oklahoma, and even though much of that time was spent in the Sam Noble Museum’s collections, working on the material that was eventually to become Brontomerus, my abiding memory of that time was my all-too-brief time at Van’s Pig Stand. True.

  6. Ok, now you’ve got me rolling on American-style Barbecue reminiscences …

    There was that time when I went to a BBQ place somewhere in NYC with my Index Data colleagues, and we ordered waaay too much food, and … I just couldn’t stop! At the point where I was obscenely bloated, I thought there is no way I am going to make it through this next rib; but I did; and the next, and the next, and that bit of chicken, and that hunk of brisket, and … I swear, when I walked out of there I was a solid ten pounds heavier than when I walked in. I thought my colleagues were going to have to drag me back to the hotel. I’m not proud of myself, but if I could do it all again, I would — like a shot.

    Happy days.

    We’re all going to New Orleans in June. I know it’s not really a BBQ town, but, heck, neither is New York, and that didn’t stop us!

  7. Now look what you’ve done. It’s six minutes to midnight, and I’m drooling and ravenous.

  8. Now there goes your first problem, shopping at Lidl.

    In Finland, at least, I get the feeling they have more the beer, potato, and sausage customer.

  9. WyrdestGeek

    You’re right it’s dumb.

    But what’s at work here is this: A lot of people are crazy busy. A person wandering through the store in (the equivalent of) Wall-Mart-store-haze might not be in that isle to buy a grill, but when they see that picture with the fire-y BBQ it will register on their sub-conscious even when the plainly worded “Stainless Steel Pedestal Barbecue” does not. Their Id will get desire/hunger and if the pocket book is willing they may just walk out of there with a grill they don’t need. The wife then says, “but we already have two grills and we never use either of them!” So it goes.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  10. Ezra:

    Well, it might be part of their “Ideal for BBQs” product line of grills, charcoal briquets, and lighter fluid.

    I’m pretty sure that is what is really going on. They use the same graphic, with different text, for ready-to-slap-on-the-grill meat over here too(Sweden). “King of the barbecue” or something along those lines.

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