Crunchiegate: the cover-up continues!

Dammit, what’s the country coming to?  As though it weren’t bad enough that SSP UK, through their Pumpkin Cafe brand, didn’t give me the 75p cash refund that they promised, it now seems that the “full investigation” that they promised me is being dragged out.  Two weeks after they began this investigation, I haven’t heard a single word from them about it.  You have to suspect a cover-up.Well, I’m not taking it lying down!  Today, I sent this letter (click through for the PDF):

(Yes, there’s a silly typo: “an Report Number”.  We can only hope that they understand what I was trying to say.)

I wanted to send it to my old friend Stu Kaley, the Expert Service Manager of SSP UK, but there’s no address for him on the SSP Feedback site — nor indeed for anyone.  It’s almost as though they don’t want you to write to them.  But I found a postal address on and sent it there, care of Stu, so it should be OK:

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I will keep you all informed.  And I can tell you this: I will not sleep and I will not rest until SSP UK, the Food Travel Experts, give me satisfaction.  I am prepared, if necessary, to take this to the highest court in the land!


7 responses to “Crunchiegate: the cover-up continues!

  1. I commend your bravery in going up against such a vast conspiracy!

  2. Aha! Thanks for the link, Bill: Google Maps says that the location attributed to so-called “SSP The Food Travel Experts” actually belongs to Procter & Gamble UK — who as everyone knows are actually a Satanist organisation! It all makes sense now — that‘s why they’re out to get me.

  3. Spaceman Spiff

    Time to get this posted up on SlashDot, ARS, or (better in your case) TheReg to get more exposure about the nefarious attitudes of this company! :-) Let them experience the full Streisand Effect!

  4. Spaceman Spiff, maybe you’re right that at some point I should escalate this to a more visible venue — although I am treating this as a joke, I do think their attitude in this matter stinks, and it’s right that they should be called on it. That said, I want to give them a week to reply to my letter, at least — that seems only fair.

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