Crunchiegate: full investigation started!

Hot news this morning!  It was late last night that I registered my complaint about not having been issued with a receipt when buying a Crunchie at the Pumpkin Cafe on Platform 9 of Bristol Temple Meads railway station.  But already, in only seven hours, they have emailed me back with exciting news.

I quote:

We have started a full investigation into your complaint with the outlet, and wish to assure you that we shall be in contact with you as soon as this investigation is complete.

Wow!  A full investigation! just for me!

It makes me feel happy to know that Stu Kaley, the Expert Service Manager of SSP UK, has launched a full investigation.  You can’t allow these things to slide.  It’s also nice that Stu says I shouldn’t hesitate to contact him should I have any questions during this time.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


9 responses to “Crunchiegate: full investigation started!

  1. Richard G. Whitbread

    The temptation to write ‘Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!’…for no better reason than this is a story about a Crunchie bar, and it is Friday…is simply too much for me to resist.

    Levity aside, however, I await further developments with barely concealed anticipation.

  2. “as events warrant” … somehow I don’t see events getting classified as warrantable.

  3. And just think of all the free advertising you are giving them! They should refund you the 75p and send you a case of Crunchies for good measure! :-)

  4. I have to agree that a case of Crunchies seems like the appropriate response here; but I’m not sure that I am giving them good publicity. I suppose that will depend on how they respond. If they do send me a crate of Crunchies, you’ll be able to read all about it here :-)

  5. I, for one, am literally on the edge of my seat and eagerly looking forward to a second series of posts, on the delivery of the possibly existing crate! (Dare I even dream … of the unboxing?)

    Oh. False alarm, my pillow seems to have slipped a bit. There. Better now.

    I wonder if you could call this whole thing a dark pattern. It’s more of a business practice (I guess?) and “dark patterns” seems to be mostly about user interfaces, but it is obviously similar in intent.

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  8. The hot salt beef bagel at VictoriaStation Concourse was delightful – it really hit the spot. R.

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