Acaren and the Evil Wizards, by Matthew Taylor

Acaren and the evil wizards By Matthew Taylor  Long, long ago, in a wizarding world lived Acaren, a powerful wizard.  He was brave, but a little bit rude and he had a friendship with a wild dragon named Fearsome.  Fearsome's favourite food is sausaged.  One time, Acaren was having fun on his firebold (the fastest type of broomstick on earth) when he heard and explosion; it was ear splitting.  He rode to the explosion to investigate, and there they were, Thingbanger, Surt and Sploosh, the world's more evil wizards!  Acaren was really scared and at the same time he wanted to blurt out "Well what are you doing here!?"  Thingbanger knew Fearsome's weakness and he wanted to have some fun, so he threw a sausage far away and Fearsome ran to find it.  Acaren hissed some words and cast a spell at the first wizard, Thingbanger, and he fell the ground-dead!   Then he cast a spell at the second wizard, Surt.  He screamed like an American screech owl and frantically ran round in tight circles and fell to the ground - dead too!  But the third wizard, Sploosh, was more clever.  He dodged all the spells and began casting himself.  Then one hit Acaren! Sploosh waited for Fearsome to come back. Eventually a dark shadow appeared on him. "GASP, Uh, oh." He whispered. "OW!  Get off!" Fearsome gobbled him up.  "Yum yum!" He shouted.  Fearsome poured some poition into Acaren's mouth, which revived him. He thanked Fearsome by giving him a nice, warm, juicy sausage that tasted like chilli, and Fearsome thanked him back by toasting his mean for him. Acaren was obliged.  Then he asked Fearsome to take him home, and luckily, he agreed.  Once they arrived there was much rejoicing and Acaren gave Fearsome another sausage.  Fearsome was pleased.  Then they lived happily with each other for the rest of their lives. The End.  [Picture of a piece of cheese with face and limbs.]

8 responses to “Acaren and the Evil Wizards, by Matthew Taylor

  1. Nice ! Congrats to the author :)

  2. Excellent!

    It’s a little-known fact that most dragons can be befriended by offering some nice sausages.

  3. This is encouraging. I always wanted to be friends with a wild dragon but thought, like Premiership footballers, they were only interested in the size of my wallet. You know, how much gold and jewellery I had, of which I have none. But I can afford sausages.

  4. This is one of the greatest blog posts ever :) Sure the child is paying homage to another series, but injecting his own personality and creativity in a really fun way. Experimentation is hard, commiting to writing a piece to completion is hard. This needs to be fostered.. this child has a rare gift!

  5. jeff: Indeed, I hope that he finds an outlet for his writing and creativity and doesn’t let it go to waste. :-)

  6. Hey, thanks for all of this great feedback – By the way, karmag, I love writing comics.
    By the way, I was 9 when I wrote this. 3 FLIPPING YEARS AGO! I have improved massivey on my stories but sadly retardism is getting harder and harder.

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