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Acaren and the Evil Wizards, by Matthew Taylor

Acaren and the evil wizards By Matthew Taylor  Long, long ago, in a wizarding world lived Acaren, a powerful wizard.  He was brave, but a little bit rude and he had a friendship with a wild dragon named Fearsome.  Fearsome's favourite food is sausaged.  One time, Acaren was having fun on his firebold (the fastest type of broomstick on earth) when he heard and explosion; it was ear splitting.  He rode to the explosion to investigate, and there they were, Thingbanger, Surt and Sploosh, the world's more evil wizards!  Acaren was really scared and at the same time he wanted to blurt out "Well what are you doing here!?"  Thingbanger knew Fearsome's weakness and he wanted to have some fun, so he threw a sausage far away and Fearsome ran to find it.  Acaren hissed some words and cast a spell at the first wizard, Thingbanger, and he fell the ground-dead!   Then he cast a spell at the second wizard, Surt.  He screamed like an American screech Continue reading

Let’s do everything!

“Let’s do everything!”

I found those three words spilling unbidden from my mouth the other day when I was talking to my wife, Fiona, and realised that I’d inadvertently summarised my life.  It’s my blessing and my curse.  I want to do it all.

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How to render a press release tolerable

I had an epiphany: there is simple way to greatly improve the readability of any press release.  All you have to do is cut out all the adjectives.

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