Another really, really stupid thing

I came here to post the third and last in my “stupidest things in the world” series only to find that WordPress has unilaterally, and without warning, changed the theme of my blog, the utter morons.


In the stupid new theme, all the stuff in the sidebar has gone.  Vanished.  All of it.  Want to see the links to most recent posts?  Well, you can’t.  Want to see the most recent comments?  Tough luck.  Want to see that useful list of links to the most popular articles?  WordPress says NO.  Interested in the category cloud?  Sorry to hear that, it’s not there any more.

The good news is that WordPress says the new theme is better.  Well, isn’t that nice to know?  That’s “better” in the sense of “lacking all the stuff I had before”.  On the positive side, I do now have a big shiny button at the top of my sidebar telling the reader that Akismet has blocked 948 spam comments.  Well, whoopy-doo!  This is great!  Because the very first thing I want to see when I visit someone’s blog is how many spam comments have been blocked there.  That is way more important and interesting than, say, the recently posted articles.  Who cares about that any more?  Content is so 2009.

I might — might — be able to get my sidebar stuff back again.  From the forum postings, it seems that some people have and some haven’t.  We’ll see.  But but but but but!  I don’t want to spend my time wresting with the dashboard in an attempt to reinstate the chrome I already had, I want to spend it writing actual, you know, blog entries.  Articles.  Content.  Instead, I resign myself to a futile and unrewarding evening deep in the bowels of the configuration UI.

What a crock.

To be clear, it is great that WordPress provides this blog-hosting service, and awesome that it does it at zero cost.  But I don’t for the life of me see why that means they would want to, or feel it’s acceptable to, pull a crappy stunt like this.  This sucks.

I guess my days of telling all my Blogger-hosted friends to move across to WordPress are over.


7 responses to “Another really, really stupid thing

  1. I must say, you have the most excellent spam-comment counter I’ve seen in association with this theme. Bravo, sir, I salute your taste.

  2. Best sidebar ever. I used to host my blog on github pages, using Jekyll. You might want to look into that.

  3. Shouldn’t that be the first stupid thing (you started with the 3rd first)?
    So the WP fiasco is the zero-th most stupid thing…

  4. Spam counter is the most exciting page’s content. Could you please reformat by enlarging the spam filter’s counter. It’s so nice.
    Please consider reducing text size.

  5. Spammers and PITA and lack of free time drive us to use these free services; without going into privacy concerns, my big worry about blogging is that by using someone elses service, you’re at their whim for backup, maintenance like this, and longevity; heck, is the ownership of the articles and comments really well defined?

    I installed my own wordpress at home, which is great, since I do have a backup plan etc and like to be very clear about ownership; for the same reasons, I run my own mail and such, too, and most of my own services. But its a pain to do of course, when you consider updating the software patch by patch or watching out for the latest exploits, and when spammers are hitting you thousands of emails a day. I’m forever debating the switch to just ‘hell with it, use someone elses free services.’ Running a BSD or linux box at home is just not for most people, and over time … very very few people, its too much hastle.

    Its about the sense of trust; when I buy a phone, I don’t expect it to track my location and give it to Apple.. its just a phone; when you buy a bottle of clear water-like liquid, that has ‘green tea’ written all over it, you assume (incorrectly) that its healthier than a pile of donuts. And when you host your blog somewhere, you trust they won’t just screw with it.

    So where is someone to go for decent services, where you’re not being preyed upon; ie: being preyed upon ‘the right amount’ I mean, the expected and agreed upon amount. Service Level Agreement time! When I put my blog on someones system, I want to know that it will be there for X amount of time, and how I’ll get the content off should they shut down. When I use someones email service, I’d like to know what they’re mining from it… is that so much to ask?

    (Heck, go to gmail and _pay_ for an account there; they do not define what data mining they do for corporate and paid accounts.. you pay for the privelege of space, and they still mine you…)

    *grumble* Theres not too many ‘in the middle’ services; we need to strike a balance.

  6. That’s the second best spam filter counter I’ve ever seen, but it’ll have to do.

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