Monthly Archives: August 2010

Insult to Injury

You will remember that I recently described’s refusal to sell me MP3 files as the stupidest thing in the world.  Because of that refusal, and because there was an album of medieval music that my wife really, really wanted, I used some of my store credit to buy a physical CD and have it shipped across the Atlantic.

And so sent me this message in response:

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Five and a half months late

If only the XKCD guy had published this comic five and half months earlier, I could have used it to illustrate my functional-vs.-imperative-programming article.

C’est la vie.

Unrelated addendum

Am I the only person in the whole world who finds this joke funny?  “A man walked into a pub.  He said ‘Ouch!’.  It was an iron pub.”  It makes me laugh even to type it here, but so far not one single person I’ve told it to has laughed.

Also: “1st man: My wife’s gone to Jakarta.  //  2nd man: Of her own accord?”

The stupidest thing in the world

Thanks for sticking with it.  You will recall that the third stupidest thing in the world is DVD region encoding, and the second place is held by the wildly differing submission formats of academic journals.  But the stupidest of all is: will not sell MP3s to me in England.

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Sidebar rescue!

Well, I seem to have managed to rescue most of my sidebar from WordPress-induced oblivion.  It’s possible I missed something, so do let me know if there’s a feature that you used before and can’t find now.

Mostly for my own amusement, I added a “Most viewed today/yesterday” area near the bottom of the sidebar.  It’s likely not as useful as the authored and chronological “greatest hits” list above it, but it might be interesting.

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Another really, really stupid thing

I came here to post the third and last in my “stupidest things in the world” series only to find that WordPress has unilaterally, and without warning, changed the theme of my blog, the utter morons.


In the stupid new theme, all the stuff in the sidebar has gone.  Vanished.  All of it.  Want to see the links to most recent posts?  Well, you can’t.  Want to see the most recent comments?  Tough luck.  Want to see that useful list of links to the most popular articles?  WordPress says NO.  Interested in the category cloud?  Sorry to hear that, it’s not there any more.

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The second stupidest thing in the world

If DVD region locking is the third stupidest thing in the world, then the second stupidest thing is …

The wildly differing submission formats of academic journals.

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