Buffy: The movie, first four minutes and twelve seconds

Ugh!  That’s not Buffy!

Sample dialogue: “Oh, wow, look at that jacket!  Oh, this is so lush!  Wouldn’t you guys just love me in this?”

This is going to take a lot of getting used to.

… read on …


9 responses to “Buffy: The movie, first four minutes and twelve seconds

  1. Remember, the movie was from 1992. Lots have changed in 18 years.

  2. :-)

  3. You see, *this* is why I never bothered to watch the TV series… I understand now that this was a mistake, but… *what* a property to take on!!!

  4. I heard the film was supposed to be alot more like the Buffy we know and love, but it was derailed during production. It’s a product of what happens when movie studios think they know what people want to watch.

  5. This is one of the few instances where a good concept was given a second chance – and succeeded. The movie was pretty mundane and boring. So when I heard they were making a series, my immediate thought was, “Why?”

    Lucky for me my girlfriend started watching it and soon enough I was drawn in by proximity.

    Like any good series, I miss seeing new adventures from Buffy & Angel every week.

  6. JokeyRhyme: as I understand it, the movie was ruined by Executive Meddling from the Kuzuis, two people whose names appear in the credits of every single BtVS TV episode because of Hollywood insanity (but who never had anything to do with it, thank goodness).

  7. If you can somehow forget that it’s supposed to be Buffy, and just watch the movie as being about some *other* vampire slayer, it’s actually a highly entertaining bit of comic fluff, with some great one-liners. And possibly the best on-screen death scene ever.

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