The long-overdue serious attempt at The Silmarillion, part 2: the Kinslaying

Last night, I read up to chapter 9 of the Quenta Silmarillion (Of the Flight of the Nolor), about the Kinslaying at Alqualondë, the abandonment of Fingolfin at Araman, and the burning of the white ships of the Teleri.

I had no idea that elves could be such dicks.

Fëanor needs a clip around the ear.  I blame the parents.

In other news, my country turns out to be unable to organise a perfectly simple democratic election.  I assume this means we can now expect to be invaded by a “peacekeeping” force from the USA^H^H^HUnited Nations.  Happy days.

Usually, election day in the UK is about choosing between the evil and the incompetent.  This time, I can hardly tell which is which.

I notice in passing that while the Liberal Democrats have polled nearly a quarter of all votes cast, that’s only got them 52 of the 621 seats that have been declared at the time of writing — 8%.  That can’t be right, can it?

(Don’t worry, I won’t be writing about politics again — I only bring it up because of the General Election.  Once every five years seems about right.)

4 responses to “The long-overdue serious attempt at The Silmarillion, part 2: the Kinslaying

  1. Melkor/Morgoth is one of the “finest” villains I’ve ever read about :)

    Well the Curse of Feanor is actually the main thread of the whole Tolkien world.

    The decadence of the elves in favor of the Second Kindred starts with it. it’s the real “big bang” of middle-earth lore.

  2. Yobgod Ababua

    It’s one of the key themes of the book… all Elvish heroes/villains are DOOMED.

    Get involved with a Silmaril? DOOMED.
    Embrace your fate? DOOMED.
    Try to avoid your fate? DOOMED.

    What really amazed me is that Galadriel still cares about anything by the time of LoTR, after the thousands of years of suffering and watching everyone be DOOMED.

  3. re: 25% of the votes leading to 8% of the seats: Of course it can be “right” for certain values of right, hence their battle-cry: “electoral reform”.

  4. Damn you. My treasured 1977 edition, yellowed paper n all, is back on my book pile. Ahead of Canticle for Leibowitz which I still haven’t read! It still has £1 scrawled in the corner from a University of Sheffield book fair. I can’t wait to find out who is behind the scenes in Akallabêth. Again!

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