Oh, and by the way …

River Song.  Jackson Lake.  Amy Pond.  Coincidence?

Just saying.

If the next story introduces a character called Adrian Aqueduct, I guess we’ll be able to draw our own conclusions.

10 responses to “Oh, and by the way …

  1. Hey,

    could you just get back to programming topics? After all I can imagine that I’m not the only one who subscribed to your blog for those articles…

    I mean: casual articles are okay but I’m starting to get disappointed when opening my google reader, seeing your blog has updates, click on the feed and *bam* it’s about Dr. Who :-(


  2. Alexander Kozlovsky

    @luxifer: I realized it is possible to subscribe on just “programing” category. This way it is win-win ^_^ (sorry my bad English)

  3. Hi, luxifer, sorry to dilute the stream of programming articles. The problem is that I already have a very narrowly focussed blog that is specifically about Sauropod Vertebrae (http://svpow.wordpress.com/) so when I started this one my plan was to give myself licence to write about all the other things that interest me. I certainly don’t want to get into the situation where I have sauropod-vertebra blog, a programming blog and a Doctor Who blog! (Oh, and a sushi blog.) So I am afraid the non-programming posts will continue (though certainly not at the expense of the programming ones.)

    But as Alexander Kozlovsky points out, it’s possible to subscribe to just the programming articles if you prefer: WordPress’s RSS support is pretty flexible, so you can subscribe to any category as https://reprog.wordpress.com/category/CATEGORY/feed/. In your case, you’d want: https://reprog.wordpress.com/category/programming/feed/

  4. oh, okay… I didn’t notice that :-) Thanks for the info, I’ll add this feed, too… It’s not that I appreciate ONLY the programming posts, but Dr. Who is starting to annoy me so I guess I’ll manually diff the two feeds in my reader and look out for non-dr-who-posts aside from the programming posts :-)

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Good grief man. Am I the only person who thought your first comment was breathtakingly crass?

    Mike takes the time to write cogent, humorous, well-thought-out articles (a rare commodity on the internet) for free, on a blog which is mercifully free of advertising, and you berate him for writing about something you could just SKIP OVER and IGNORE in your browser or feed-reader? It would take you what, 2 seconds to see that it’s a Dr. Who post and close the window?

    Personally, I *love* the Dr. Who posts. And the rest of the blog is pretty damn excellent as well.

  6. By the way, despite coming to your blog for programming related questions, your description Dr. Whos “the beast below” encouraged me to have a very enjoyable hour watching that!

  7. Anonymous Coward, thanks for your kind words! I don’t have a problem with luxifer’s initial comment (after all, it did provoke me into discovering the category-specific RSS feeds which I’d not previously known about) but it’s a great pleasure to read responses like yours.

    And thomas, good to know about The Beast Below … was that your first Doctor Who?

  8. Greeting from Brazil.

    Stay as you’re writing. I think this is cool. Althought a blog with so much offtopics could be bad, a little of them shows you’ re a REAL guy. Someone that breaths more than programming.

    Just to account: my First Doctor Who was “Rose”.

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  10. Looks like I called it right, at least as regards Amy and River. Jackson Lake does look like a coincidence, though.

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