Get your “Kylo Stabbed First” T-shirts!

Every Star Wars fan knows that, contra George Lucas’s revisionism in the Special Edition of the original movie, Han shot first. The moment I came out of seeing The Force Awakens, I knew I wanted to make this T-shirt, but I held off for a month so I could avoid spoilering anyone who wanted to see the film:


Above we see my good buddy Matt Wedel modelling the shirt as only he can. Want one of your own? Course you do! Buy the Kylo Stabbed First shirt here!

A Bad Day for the Enemy, by Daniel Taylor

A book written by our eldest son, Daniel, when he was about seven years old. (We don’t know the exact date, but clues in the text indicate that it was written when he was playing a lot of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, but before he started playing X-Wing Alliance, so around 2005.)


For some reason, he made the book absolutely tiny — about 4 cm square, as you can see from the staple in the front cover. Continue reading

Four different miniature pies

Following on from the four kinds of savoury tartlets that I made last time, I wanted to try to get more depth of flavour, and learn from some of the mistakes that I made last time. Here’s the result:


Four miniature savoury pies. Back row, left to right: goat’s cheese, pesto and sun-dried tomato; stilton, walnut and prune. Front row, left to right: cream cheese, smoked salmon and basil; spinach, egg and parmesan cheese.

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Savoury tartlets — four different kinds

I’m off work for Christmas, so I have time to mess about in the kitchen. Today, it came upon me that I wanted to experiment with savoury tartlets, so I made four different kinds — three of each, in a batch of twelve. Here they are:


From left to right: goat’s cheese and sun-dried tomato; goat’s cheese and pesto; stilton and prune; stilton and walnut. (I wasn’t sure how the prune will work, but I wanted to try something different.)

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The Force Awakens was awesome and I loved it

As my buddy Matt noted, The Force Awakens nails the, “They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally, they became heroes” quality of the original Star Wars — something that the prequels completely missed.


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Ladies and gentlemen, our glorious NHS

Today, I turned up at my local surgery, Forest Health Care in Ruardean, for a routine appointment at 1:20 pm. Except it turns out that the centre shuts down for the day at lunchtime, so it was deserted when I got there. Evidently I took down the appointment time or date wrong.

So far, so dumb.


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Understanding Tony Blair, as explained by Tony Blair

There is a fascinating article in the Spectator today: In defence of Blairism, by Tony Blair. As I started reading it, I was sceptical, but in the end I found it enlightening, and even in places inspiring.


Not that there wasn’t lots to object to, as well, but it’s a genuinely fascinating read. It’s interesting to understand why he thought that the things his government was doing were good things.

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